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Home Inspections

Home InspectionsOne of the most common contingencies to real estate purchase agreements is a home inspection. A home inspection is a visual analysis for the purpose of providing a professional assessment of the home's physical structure and systems. The an inspector will examine the house thoroughly for non-functioning systems, damages, and repairs that may be needed. The most common areas check by the inspector include Structural Components, Exterior Faults, Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/Air Conditioning, Insulation/Ventilation and Interiors/Appliances. At the end of the process the home inspection will provide you with a detailed report of the inspection deficiencies. Photos will be included for reference where appropriate. Advance Home Inspections takes pride in providing the most thorough home inspection services.





Pest And Termite Inspection

Pest And Termite InspectionBefore buying, The home must be inspected for potential pest or termite damage. This inspection is usually required by the lender before they approve the mortgage. This means the inspector would carefully examine the exterior of your home including all the trim, home siding, under roof eaves, ect. The inspector will perform a complete inspection of the interior as well, Focusing on water leaks in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas, windows, and inspecting the attic where applicable and the crawl space.





Radon Inspection And Testing

Radon Inspection And TestingMany people do not realize that radon is the number two cause of lung cancer in the U.S. Radon is a Class A Carcinogen. Radon causes more deaths per year than Carbon Monoxide, House Fires, Drowning’s, and Drunk Driving combined. The only way to determine possible exposure to this silent killer is through Radon Testing. Our detection equipment includes anti-tampering systems which let us know the test is valid. Equipment is calibrated annually to ensure. Accuracy. The EPA recommends that all houses be tested for Radon zoned areas.





Mold Inspection

Mold InspectionMold is all around us, generally in the form of airborne spores searching for an ideal place to settle and develop. In small quantities it presents little risk, but when it finds a moist place in your home and goes undetected, it can quickly develop into a serious problem. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor levels of pollutants may be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. You owe it to yourself to minimize your exposure to mold spores in your indoor environment. Advance Home Inspections will perform a detailed examination of problematic areas where mold is known to be found.





Air Quality Testing

Air Quality TestingMany homes are built or remodeled more tightly, without regard to air quality. Homes today contain many furnishings, appliances and products that can affect indoor air quality. Signs of poor indoor air quality can include: noticeable odors, stale or stuffy air, lack of air movement, dirty or faulty central heating or air-conditioning equipment, excessive humidity to name just a few. Advance Home Inspections will New Jersey Home Inspections will effectively test your indoor environment to exposed possible contaminants that may present a health risk.





Infrared Home Inspection

Infrared Home InspectionA key component to an effective home energy audit is through the use of infrared thermography. Advance Home Inspections will conduct a thorough visual inspection of your home, including the attic, and all the nooks and crannies, with an infrared assessment device. Energy is very important and can be expensive. The cost to heat, cool, maintain, light and support living conditions inside requires several forms of Energy. Advance Home Inspections will provide you a precise visual representation of the imperfections in your home's thermal envelope.





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